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Celebrities Air Deaths: Miscellaneous Dates

1932: English balloon and aircraft designer Albert Short (57) died in the cockpit of one of his seaplanes after safely landing it.

1935: Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, the first pilot to cross the Pacific (he wasn't solo, there were other crew), was lost at sea in 1935 and his plane was never found.

1947: 15 members of the Czech figure skating team died in an airplane crash between Prague to London.

1956: Six Czech hockey players died in an air crash in Czechoslovakia.

1957: Downhill ski champion Richard “Mad Dog” Buek was killed when his private plane crashed near Donner Lake. Buek was the boyfriend of Jill Kinmont, author of The Other Side of the Mountain.

1960: French West African poet David Diop and his wife were killed in a plane crash as they were returning to France from Dakar, Senegal. While most of his work was destroyed with him in the crash, the 22 poems published before his death has still earned him an enduring reputation as a poet.

1967: Muhammad bin Laden, owner of the Bin Laden Construction Company and father of terrorist Osama bin Laden, died when his plane crashed in the Saudi Arabian desert. Note: Other sources put the year as 1966 or 1968.

1975: Louise Hillary and her 16-year-old daughter Belinda were killed when their small plane crashed on taking off from the Kathmandu airport in Nepal. They had been flying to visit Edmund Hillary at Phaphlu, Nepal.

1977: Ed Cole, president of General Motors and creator of the Corvair, died while piloting his plane to a proving ground in Michigan.

1977: Queen Alia Toukan of Jordan, third wife of King Hussein I, died in a helicopter crash. The international airport in Amman, Jordan is now named after her.

1979: Soviet soccer team Pakhtakar Tashkent (now Uzbekistan) were killed in an air crash.

May 1987: Legendary car racer and builder Don Yenko died in a plane crash near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Yenko was the builder of the Yenko Stinger.

1989: 14 members of the Surinamese soccer team died in an air crash.

December 1993: Richard Snyder (41) and two other executives of the In-N-Out fast-food restaurant chain, were killed when their corporate jet got caught in the downdraft of a larger jet.

2000: Svyatoslav Fyodorov, who pioneered radial keratotomy surgery to correct nearsightedness, died in a helicopter crash.

????: Christian singer Keith Green died in a plane crash.

????: Sports announcer Dick Ebersol and his two sons were in a crash near Montrose, Colorado as their private plane was heading from Aspen to a football game. They only stopped in Aspen to drop off his wife actress Susan St. James. The pilot opted not to de-ice the plane, a procedure which was not required for a private plane. It was snowing and weather conditions were poor. Dick Ebersol was seriously injured and was in a body cast for many months following the incident. Dick Ebersol’s younger son was killed in the crash but the older son escaped and then attempted to save his father.

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