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Alaska Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Alaskans

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Alaska or spent some important time in Alaska.

Aleksandr Baranov, fur trader, Russian governor

Irene Bedard, actress and singer

Charles Brower, King of the Arctic

E. L. “Bob” Bartlett, U.S. congressman

Irene Bedard, actress

Nick Begich, U.S. congressman

Margaret Elizabeth Bell, author

Benny Benson, 13-year-old flag designer

Vitus Bering, explorer

Scott Bone, Alaska governor

Carlos Boozer, basketball player

Norman Brown, editor and publisher

Charles Bunnell, educator, first president of the University of Alaska

Susan Butcher, four-time winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race

Chad Carpenter, cartoonist

Alexi Chirikov, explorer

Walter Clark, territorial governor

James Cook, explorer

Wyatt Earp, sheriff, barkeep, and miner

William Egan, Alaska governor

Carl Ben Eielson, pioneer pilot, made first Alaskan airmail flight

Peter French, customs collector

Scott Gomez, hockey player

Roz Goodman, creater of the Battle of the Books

Mike Gravel, U.S. senator and presidential candidate

Ernest Gruening, territorial governor and U.S. senator

Jay Hammond, Alaska governor

B. Frank Heintzleman, territorial governor

Big Mike Henry, railroad builder

Walter Hickel, Alaska governor and U.S. secretary of interior

Molly Hootch, Native student involved in Tibeluk V. Lind

Sheldon Jackson, missionary and educator

Jewel, singer and songwriter

Charles Jones, politician

Joe Juneau, pioneer prospector

Robert Kennicott, explorer

John Kinkead, territorial governor

Trajan Langdon, basketball player

Austin Lathrop, businessman

Sydney Lawrence, painter

Hilary Lindh, Olympic skier

Jack London, novelist

Ray Mala, actor

J. V. Martin, aviator, made first airplane flight in Alaska

Tommy Moe, Olympic skier

John Muir, naturalist

Frank Murkowski, Alaska governor

Joann Osterud, first woman pilot for Alaska Airlines

George Parks, territorial governor

Virgil Partch, cartoonist

Felix Pedro, gold discover

Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich, native rights activist

Joe Redington Sr., sled-dog promoter

Libby Riddles, first woman to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race

Thomas Riggs, territorial governor

Howard Rock, political and environmental activist

Peter Trimble Rowe, first Alaskan Episcopal bishop (1895)

Frederick Schwatka, explorer

Nell Scott, first woman in Alaska legislature

John Charles Sehgers, bishop of Vancouver Island

Leonhard Seppala, dog sled racer who rushed medicine to Nome in 1925 to prevent an epidemic

Jefferson “Soapy” Smith, criminal

Mike Stepovich, territorial governor

Ted Stevens, U.S. senator

John Strong, territorial governor

Robert Stroud, the Birdman of Alcatraz

Hudson Stuck, author

Charles August Sulzer, politician

Alfred Swineford, territorial governor

Vern Tejas, mountain climber, first solo ascent of Mount McKinley

Anna Tibeluk, Native student involved in Tibeluk V. Lind

John Troy, territorial governor

Josiah Turner, politician

Ivan Veniaminov, missionary

Frank Waskey, first delegate in U.S. congress

James Wickersham, delegate in U.S. congress

Eugene Willard, missionary

Ferdinand von Wrangle, explorer

Don Young, U.S. congressman

Samuel Hall Young, founder of first American church in Alaska

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