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Last modified: 12/17/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

Arizona Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Arizonans

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Arizona or spent some important time in Arizona.

Rex Allen, actor

Don Ameche, actor

Steve Baldwin, actor

Ricky Barnes, golfer

Iris Bell, author

Dierks Bentley, country singer

Amanda Blake, actress

Erma Bombeck, syndicated columnist

Danny Bonaduce, actor

Frank Borman, astronaut

Charles Boyer, actor

Michelle Branch, singer and songwriter

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer

Nicolas Cage, actor

Mark Calcavecchia, golfer

Glen Campbell, singer

Richard Carmona, U.S. surgeon general

Linda Carter, actress

César Chávez, labor leader

Ike Clanton, gang member

Jerry Colangelo, basketball manager

Linda Cobb, the queen of clean

Alice Cooper, rock star

Ice Cube, actor and rapper

Ted Danson, actor

Ted DeGrazia, artist

John Denver, singer and songwriter

Andy Devine, actor

Dan Devine, football coach

Hugh Downs, TV host

Allison DuBois, crime solver

Dick Van Dyke, actor and comedian

Virgil Earp, lawman

Wyatt Earp, lawman

Megalyn Echikunwoke, actress

Duane Eddy, country singer

Barbara Eden, actress

Jack Elam, actor

Max Ernst, artist

Esteban, composer

Dennis Farina, actor

Heather Farr, golfer

Larry Fitzgerald, football player

Joe Foss, governor, TV show host, AFL commissioner

Alan Dean Foster, novelist

Joe Garagiola, baseball player and commentator

Geronimo, Apache leader

Gin Blossoms, band

Barry Goldwater, U.S. senator and presidential candidate

Denny Green, football coach

Zane Grey, western novelist

Natalie Gulbis, golfer

Gary Hall, Jr., Olympic swimmer

Dan Harkins, movie theater owner

Harry Harlow, psychologist

Paul Harvey, radio host

Alexa Havins, actress

Carl Hayden, U.S. senator

Ira Hamilton Hayes, soldier

Earl Hindman, actor

Doc Holiday, gunman

John Hughes, director, producer, and screenwriter

Reggie Jackson, baseball player

John Jacobs, golfer

Jenna Jameson, porn star

Waylon Jennings, country singer

Jimmy Eat World, band

Ben Johnson, actor

Randy Johnson, baseball player

Tank Johnson, football player

Bill Keane, cartoonist

Barbara Kingsolver, novelist

Greg Kinnear, actor

Don Knotts, actor and comedian

Annie Lawrence, author

Tom Lehman, golfer

Meadowlark Lemon, basketball player

G. Gordon Liddy, radio show host and Watergate conspirator

Nils Lofgren, band member

Clare Boothe Luce, journalist, diplomat, and politician

Andrew Magee, golfer

Paul Marcinkus, archbishop

Lee Marvin, actor

Billy Mayfair, golfer

John McCain, U.S. senator and presidential candidate

Linda McCartney, photographer and environmentalist

Paul McCartney, singer and songwriter

Gary McCord, golfer

Tim McCoy, actor

Randall McDaniel, football player

Todd McFarlane, comic book creator

Phil Mickelson, golfer

Ann Miller, actress

Robert Mitchum, actor

Tom Mix, actor

Sam Moore, singer, of Sam & Dave

Arturo Moreno, businessman

Pat Morita, actor

Janet Napolitano, governor

Craig T. Nelson, actor

Wayne Newton, singer

Stevie Nicks, singer

Leslie Nielsen, actor

Nick Nolte, actor

Brandy Norwood, singer and actress

Donald O'Connor, actor, comedian, and dancer

Sandra Day O'Connor, U.S. supreme court justice

Buck Owens, country singer

Jesse Owens, Olympic runner

Grace Parker, golfer

Danica Patrick, race car driver

Matthew Peterson, author

Billy Preston, rock star

Dan Quayle, U.S. senator and vice president

Kirby Puckett, baseball player

William Rehnquist, U.S. supreme court chief justice

Debbie Reynolds, actress

Quebtin Richardson, basketball player

James Riding-in, author

Geraldo Rivera, TV reporter

Marty Robbins, country singer

Linda Ronstadt, singer

Elisabeth Kubler Ross, psychiatrist

Mary Ellen Ruffalo, actress

Jane Russell, actress

Bob Shane of The Kingston Trio

Curt Schilling, baseball player

Robert Shields, painter, sculptor, and mime

Joey Snyder III, golfer

Karsten Solheim, golf club inventor

Annika Sorenstam, golfer

Dorothy Fay Southwick, actress

David Spade, actor and comedian

Kerri Strug, gymnast

Pat Tillman, football player and military hero

Marshall Trimble, historian

Kirk Triplett, golfer

Tanya Tucker, country singer

John Wayne, actor

Andrew Weil, doctor and book author

Danny White, football player

Ted Williams, baseball player

Waziyatawin Angela Wilson, author

Mare Winningham, actress

Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

Sean Young, actress

Bill Zorn of The Limelighters

John Kremer, Travel Guide

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