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Last modified: 1/12/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

Connecticut Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Connecticuters

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Connecticut or spent some important time in Connecticut.

Dean Acheson, U.S. secretary of state

Ethan Allan, patriot

Christopher Andersen, biographer

Benedict Arnold, general and traitor

P. T. Barnum, showman

Amy Jaffe Barzach, creator of Boundless Playgrounds

Kim Knox Beckius, travel writer

Cynthia Bercowetz, consumer advocate

Henry Ward Beecher, clergyman and author

Jeffrey Bewkes, media executive

Sandra Boynton, children's book author and artist

Amy Brennerman, actress

Dan Briody, author

John Brown, abolitionist

Beth Bruno, author, Wild Tulips

William Buckingham, Connecticut governor

Aaron Burr, politician

Bill Burton, gambler and author

George H. W. Bush, CIA director and U.S. president

John C. Calhoun, U.S. senator

Walter Camp, founder of football

Al Capp, cartoonist

Graydon Carter, author and editor

Chuck Close, artist

Nancy Cobb, book author

Sasha Cohen, skater

Steve Cohen, financier

Samuel Colt, inventor of revolver

Prudence Crandall, state heroine, began the first academy for black women

Christopher Dodd, U.S. senator

Theophilus Eaton, governor of New Haven

Clarence Edwards, general

Oliver Ellsworth, judge

Eileen Farrell, singer

50 Cent, rapper

A. C. Gilbert, toy inventor (Erector Set) and Olympic pole vaulter. Also founded the Toy Manufacturers Association of America.

William Gillette, actor

Charles Goodyear, inventor

Ella Grasso, Connecticut governor. First American woman elected governor in her own right.

Francine Du Plessix Gray, biographer

Sandy Tovray Greenberg, author, Accidental Courage, Boundless Dreams

Florence Griswold, art patron

Jeannette Haien, novelist

Nathan Hale, patriot

Robert N. Hall, inventor

Mel Hathorn, novelist

Katharine Hepburn, actress

Ann Hodgman, author

Josiah Holbrook, educator. Founded first industrial training school.

Elias Howe, inventor of sewing machine

Collis Potter Huntington, banker

Samuel Huntington, signer of the Declaration of Independence and Connecticut governor

Charles Edward Ives, composer

Robert K. Jarvik, inventor of artificial heart

Kenneth Johnson, actor

Philip Johnson, architect

Evora Jordan, mystery novelist

Brian Jud, marketing author

Susan Kinsolving, poet

Thomas Knowlton, patriot

Patty Kondub, fitness author

Edwin H. Land, inventor of Polaroid camera

Ann Leary, memoirist

Christopher Leffingwell, patriot

Annie Leibovitz, photographer

Madeleine L'Engle, children's author

Maya Lin, architect

Horace Mann, educator

Marcia Reid Marsted, author and photographer

Perla Meyers, cookbook author and teacher

Arthur Miller, author and playwright

Rebecca Miller, author

Wendell Minor, author

John Pierpont Morgan, financier

Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape and park designer

Kenneth H. Olsen, inventor

Susan Omilian, author and editor

David Owen, golf writer

Nathaniel Palmer, discoverer of Antarctica

Kevin Phillips, biographer

Rosa Ponselle, singer

Adam Clayton Powell Jr., U.S. congressman

Susan Gold Purdy, cookbook author

Israel Putnam, general

Paul Raether, financier

Nan Parson Rossiter, novelist

Philip Roth, novelist

Ahlam Shalhout, poet

Dani Shapiro, author and novelist

Carole Shmurak, mystery novelist

Igor Sikorsky, inventor of first successful helicopter

Marilyn Singer, poet

Joy Smith, cookbook author

Lane Smith, children's author

Benjamin Spock, pediatrician, author, peace activist

Harriet Beecher Stowe, novelist

Alexandra Styron, novelist

William Styron, novelist

Nancy Tafuri, children's author

Jonathan Trumbull Jr., Connecticut governor

Mark Twain, novelist and humorist

Mike Tyson, boxer

Joe Vojt, science fiction novelist

David von Schlegell, sculptor

Gertrude Chandler Warner, author, The Boxcar Children series

Michael Weatherly Jr., actor

Michael Weatherly Sr., importer

Noah Webster, lexicographer

Jennifer Weiner, romance novelist

Eli Whitney, inventor of cotton gin

John Winthrop Jr., Connecticut governor

Oliver Wolcott Sr., Connecticut governor

Oliver Wolcott Jr., patriot, banker, Connecticut governor, U.S. secretary of treasury

Roger Wolcott, Connecticut governor

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