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Last modified: 11/18/07

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Kansas Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Kansans

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Kansas or spent some important time in Kansas.

Malik Abdul-Aziz, actor

Brandon Quintin Adams, actor

Bill Allen, actor

Forest “Phog” Allen, basketball coach

Henry J. Allen, publisher, Kansas governor, U.S. senator

Walter Anderson, founder of White Castle hamburger restaurant chain

William Becknell, trader

David D. Blanton, inventor of the autopilot\

William Bonney (aka Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim, and Billy the Kid), outlaw

William S. Burroughs, beat novelist

Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker, U.S. senator

Walter Chrysler, automotive pioneer

Virgil Coffer, inventor of first riding lawn mower

Charles Curtis, U.S. senator and vice president

The Dalton Gang, bank robbers

Étienne Veniard de Bourgmont, explorer

Juan de Padilla, missionary, first Christian martyr in America

S. P. Dinsmoor, builder of the Garden of Eden in Lucas, Kansas

Robert Dole, U.S. senator and presidential candidate

Dina Dove, author

Amelia Earhart, aviator

Virgil Earp, lawman

Wyatt Earp, lawman

Dwight David Eisenhower, general and U.S. president

Melissa Etheridge, singer and songwriter

Joan Finney, Kansas governor

Gary Hart, U.S. senator and presidential candidate

Tom Henry, inventor of the O'Henry candy bar

James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok, lawman and gambler

Langston Hughes, poet

Wes Jackson, plant geneticist

Buster Keaton, actor

Omar Knedlik, inventor of first frozen carbonated drink machine

Alf Landon, Kansas governor and presidential candidate

Henry Leavenworth, pioneer

Stephen Long, explorer

William “Bat” Masterson, lawman and columnist

Hattie McDaniel, actress

James Naismith, basketball coach and inventor

Carry Nation, temperance leader

Sara Paretsky, mystery novelist

Gordon Parks, photographer and director

William Purvis, inventor of helicopter

William Clark Quantrill, leader of Quantrill Raiders

Andrew Reeder, Kansas territorial governor

Jim Ryan, long distance runner

Luke Short, gambler

George C. Sibley, government trader

Almon Stowger, inventor of dial telephone

Clyde Tombaugh, astronomer

Charles Wilson, inventor of helicopter

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