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Last modified: 2/05/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

New York Vacation Fun Facts

Famous New Yorkers

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in New York or spent some important time in New York.

Donnie Abraham, football player

John Abraham, football player

Sam Adams, football player

Sharon Allen, chairperson, Deloitte & Touche USA

Woody Allen, actor, director, and producer

Walter Alston, baseball manager

Lyle Alzado, football player

Maya Angelou, poet

Jennifer Aniston, actress

Judd Apatow, writer, director, and producer

Diane Arbus, photographer

Darren Aronofsky, director

Brooke Astor, society first lady

Shalom Auslander, novelist

Richard Axel, Nobel prize winner in physiology

John Backus, inventor of Fortran

Kevin Bacon, actor

Louis Bacon, financier

Whitney Balliett, jazz critic

Brett Barakett, hedge fund manager

Timothy Barakett, hedge fund manager

Tiki Barber, football player

Ellen Barkin, actress

Jean-Michel Basquiat, artist

Nancy Bass, co-owner of the Strand bookstore

Mario Batali, chef and cookbook author

Hank Bauer, baseball player and manager

Noah Baumbach, screenwriter and director

William Becker, co-founder of Motel 6

Irene Bedard, actress and singer

Peggy Bedford, Standard Oil heiress

Don Beebe, football player

James Gordon Bennett, publisher, New York Herald

Elmer Bernstein, composer

Yogi Berra, baseball player and manager

Jeffrey Bewkes, media executive

C. Channing Blake, Friendly's heir

Drew Bledsoe, football player

Wolf Blitzer, TV news anchor

Nikki Blonsky, actress

Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor and billionaire media baron

Nathan Bogle, musician, Rag & Bone

Jon Bon Jovi, singer and actor

William Bonney (aka Henry McCarty, Henry Antrim, and Billy the Kid), outlaw

Mathew Brady, photographer

Molly Brandt, peacekeeper

Ann Brashares, novelist

Benjamin Bratt, actor

Michael Brecker, jazz saxophonist

Jimmy Breslin, columnist

Teresa Brewer, pop and jazz singer

David Brinkley, TV journalist

Foxy Brown (aka Inga Marchand), rapper

Thom Browne, fashion designer

James Brunot, Scrabble game namer

Aaron Burr, U.S. senator

Plaxico Burress, football player

William S. Burroughs, novelist

Candace Bushnell, novelist

Alfred Mosher Butts, Scrabble game inventor

Michael Cader, author, agent, book packager, and publisher, Publishers Lunch

Sammy Cahn, lyricist

Alexander Calder, artist

Truman Capote, author

Al Capp, cartoonist

Bud Carson, football coach

Harry Carson, football player

Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair editor

Theodore Case, inventor of the first commercially successful system of recording sound on film

Kim Cattrall, actress

Chevy Chase, actor and comedian

John Cheever, novelist

Shirley Chisholm, U.S. representative and first African-American woman elected to Congress

Michael Chow, restaurant owner

Phillipe Chow, chef

Wayne Chrebet, football player

Steve Christie, football player

Nate Clements, football player

Grover Cleveland, U.S. president

Bill Clinton, U.S. president

Dewitt Clinton, New York governor. Helped build the Erie Canal, then known as Dewitt's Folly.

George Clinton, New York governor and U.S. vice president

Hilary Rodham Clinton, U.S. senator

James Clinton, general

Chuck Close, artist

Glenn Close, actress

Ben Cohen, ice cream maker

Laveranues Coles, football player

Jacob Collins, artist

Kerry Collins, football player

Sean “Diddy” Combs, rapper and entrepreneur

James Fenimore Cooper, novelist

Ted Cottrell, football coach

Sam Cowart, football player

Jim Cronin, zookeeper and animal rights activist

Floyd Crosby, cinematographer

George Crum, inventor of potato chips

John Cullum, actor

Mario Cuomo, New York governor

Claire Danes, actress

Jeff Daniels, actor

George David, head of United Technologies

Kenny Davis, football player

Robert De Niro, actor

Cote de Pablo, actress

Thomas Dewey, New York governor and presidential candidate

Junot Diaz, novelist

Joe Dimaggio, baseball player

David Dinkins, New York City mayor

Diane Di Prima, poet

Joanne Dru, actress

Rhea Durham, model

Phillip Dusenberry, advertising executive

Lenny Dykstra, baseball player

Bob Dylan, singer and songwriter

Herman Edwards, football coach

Shaun Ellis, football player

Izzy Englander, financier

Jason Epstein, editor

John Michael Evans, investment banker

Fabio, model

Mia Farrow, actress

Jeff Feagles, football player

Nicolai Fechin, artist

Jerry Della Femina, chairman of Della Femina advertising agency

Tina Fey, comedienne

Jonathan Fields, author

Millard Fillmore, U.S. president

Renee Fleming, opera singer

London Fletcher, football player

Steven Florio, magazine publisher

Tom Ford, fashion designer

Whitey Ford, baseball pitcher

Les and Sue Fox, bestselling authors

Betty Goldstein Friedan, author of The Feminist Mystique and founder of the National Organization for Women

Rick Frishman, publicist and author

Robert Fulton, inventor of steamboat

Wanda Gag, children's book author and illustrator

James Gandolfini, actor

Joseph Gayetty, inventor of toilet paper

Lou Gehrig, baseball player

Boy George (O'Dowd), rock singer

Paul Giamatti, actor

Frank Gifford, football player

Vincent (Chin) Gigante, Mafia Oddfather

Allen Ginsberg, poet

Rudolph Giuliani, New York City mayor

Dwight “Doc” Gooden, baseball player

Richard “Goose” Gossage, baseball player

Kelsey Grammer, actor

Hank Greenberg, chairman of AIG

Jerry Greenfield, ice cream maker

Robert Greenhill, investment banker

Michael Greyeyes, actress and dancer

Gene Hackman, actor

Charles Hall, inventor

Alexander Hamilton, U.S. secretary of treasury

Mariska Hargitay, actress

Bruce Hart, lyricist

Craig Hatkoff, venture capitalist

Levon Helm, actor and musician, The Band

Leona Helmsley, hotelier

Lauren Holly, actress

Elston Howard, baseball player

Henry Hudson, explorer

Charles Evans Hughes, politician

Carl Icahn, financier

Don Imus, radio show host

Washington Irving, short story writer

John Jay, colonel, patriot, and New York governor

Derek Jeter, baseball player

Keyshawn Johnson, football player

Henry Jones, football player

Leroi Jones, aka Amiri Baraka, poet

Hettie Jones, poet

Norah Jones, jazz singer

Mel Karmazin, CEO, Viacom

Marjorie Kellogg, novelist and playwright

Jim Kelly, football player

Jack Kemp, football player, politician, and columnist

John F. Kennedy Jr., publisher

Robert Kennedy, U.S. senator

Miles Keogh, fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn

Alicia Keys, singer and songwriter

Michael Kidd, choreographer

Mark Kingdon, financier

Calvin Klein, designer

Franz Kline, artist

Beyonce Knowles, singer

Rose Knox, president, Knox Gellatin

David Koch, billionaire

Michael Kors, fashion guru

Bruce Kovner, financier

Lee Krasner, artist

Henry Kravis, financier

Charles Kuralt, TV journalist

Nick Lachey, singer

Fiorelli LaGuardia, New York City mayor

Ronald Lauder, Estee Lauder heir

Matt Lauer, Today show host

Ralph Lauren, designer

Ty Law, football player

Shelly Lazarus, chairperson, Ogilvy & Mather

Heath Ledger, actor

James T. Lee, grandfather of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Barbara Lehman, children's book author and illustrator

Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress

John Lennon, singer and songwriter, Beatles

Ira Levin, novelist

Harry Lieberman, artist

Annie Leibovitz, photographer

Carl Lennertz, publisher

John Lennon, rock singer and songwriter

David Letterman, TV talk show host

Marv Levy, football coach

Mo Lewis, football player

Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host and author

Maya Lin, architect

John Lindsay, New York City mayor

James Lofton, football player

Chief Logan, Native American orator

Pierre Lorillard, tobacco company founder

J. P. Losman, football player

Henry Luce Jr., publisher, editor, founder of Time, Inc.

Yo-Yo Ma, cellist

John Mack, investment banker

Norman Mailer, novelist

Barry Manilow, singer

Eli Manning, football player

Mickey Mantle, baseball player

Wellington Mara, football owner

Roger Maris, baseball player

Wynton Marsalis, jazz trumpeter and composer

Billy Martin, baseball manager

Curtis Martin, football player

Steve Martin, actor and comedian

William “Bat” Masterson, lawman and columnist

Kevin Mawae, football player

Peter Max, pop artist

Paul McCartney, singer and songwriter

Willis McGahee, football player

Morris Michtom, inventor of Teddy bear

Alyssa Milano, actress

Mitch Miller, music and TV producer

Lawyer Milloy, football player

Jessica Molaskey, singer

Julianne Moore, actress

J.P. Morgan, financier and philanthropist

Samuel Morse, inventor of telegraph

Robert Moses, mathematician, educator, and civil rights activist

Eric Moulds, football player

Rupert Murdoch, CEO, News Corp.

Edward R. Murrow, TV journalist

John Mutter, editor, Shelf Awareness

Joe Namath, football player

Daniel Neidich, investment banker

Keith Newman, football player

Stan O'Neal, investment banker

Yoko Ono, singer

Thomas Paine, patriot

Gordon Parks, photographer and director

Richard Parsons, media executive

George Pataki, New York governor

Norman Vincent Peale, preacher and author

Amanda Peet, actress

Chad Pennington, football player

Joe Pepitone, baseball player

Ronald Perelman, financier

Norman Pearlstine, editor in chief, Time Inc.

Arnold and Marjorie Pfeffer, founders, Arnold Pfeffer Center for Neuro Psychoanalysis

Regis Philbin, TV show host

Eleanor Phillips, author

Allison Pierce, singer

Antonio Pierce, football player

Catherine Pierce, singer

Lionel Pincus, private equity manager

John Pizzarelli, singer and guitar player

Jada Plunkett-Smith, actress

Johnny Podres, baseball player

Edgar Allen Poe, poet and short story writer

Jackson Pollock, artist

Natalie Portman, actress

Kalani Queypo, dancer and actor

Bonnie Raitt, singer

John Raitt, singer

Jill Rappaport, Today Show host

Kim Raver, actress

Andre Reed, football player

Frank Reich, football player

Alex Rice, actress

Bobby Richardson, baseball player

Jeff Richmond, Saturday Night Live composer

Phil Rizzuto, baseball player and announcer

Tim Robbins, actor

Adam Robinson, author

David Rockefeller, banker and philanthropist

John D. Rockefeller, industrialist and philanthropist

Nelson Rockefeller, New York governor and presidential candidate

Winthrop Rockefeller, Arkansas governor

Charles Rocket, comedian and actor

Loree Rodkin, jewelry designer

Carolyn Roehm, clothing designer

Ray Romano, actor

Mickey Rooney, actor

Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady

Franklin D. Roosevelt, New York governor and U.S. president

Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. president

Jane Rosenthal, movie producer

Phil Rosenthal, TV producer

Myrton Running Wolf, film editor and actor

Babe Ruth, baseball player

Jonas Salk, developer of polio vaccine

Arthur Samburg, hedge fund manager

Susan Sarandon, actress

Aaron Schobel, football player

Philip Schuyler, general

Stephen Schwarzman, financier

John Morin Scott, governor

Kyra Sedgwick, actress

Jerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian

William Seward, New York governor, senator, and U.S. secretary of state. Bought Alaska, then known as Seward's Folly.

Sheetal Sheth, actress

Jeremy Shockey, football player

Beverly Sills, opera singer

Phil Simms, football player

Jim Simons, financier

O. J. Simpson, football player and actor

Al Smith, New York governor and presidential candidate

Bruce Smith, football player

Joseph Smith, Morman Church founder

Will Smith, actor

Wesley Snipes, actor

Sonic Youth, rock group

Talisa Soto, actress

Stephen Spielberg, director and producer

Takeo Spikes, football player

Lesley Stahl, TV reporter

Ted Stanhope, actor

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, feminist and first woman to run for the U.S. House of Representatives

Michael Steinhardt, investment banker

Casey Stengel, baseball manager

Howard Stern, radio personality

Jon Stewart, comedian

Martha Stewart, media personality, jail bird, and businesswoman

Sharon Stone, actress

Michael Strahan, football player

Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr., publisher, New York Times

Gay Talese, author

Nan Talese, book publisher

Darryl Talley, football player

Fran Tarkenton, football player

Steve Tasker, football player

Lawrence Taylor, football player

Nikola Tesla, inventor (probably the greatest inventor to have ever lived)

Vinny Testaverde, football player

Lowell Thomas, author, broadcaster, and traveller

Thurman Thomas, football player

Lady Tigra, singer

Laurence Tisch, owner of Loews

Tommy Tisch, Loews heir

Y. A. Tittle, football player

Amani Toomer, football player

Joe Torre, baseball coach

Charlene Touchette, artist and author

John Travolta, actor

Donald Trump, businessman and TV personality

Ivanka Trump, model

Harriet Tubman, slave, abolitionist leader, and guide in the Underground Railroad

John Turturro, actor

Martin Van Buren, U.S. president

Cornelius Vanderbilt, railroad tycoon

Giovanni da Varrazano, explorer

Jonathan Vilma, football player

Troy Vincent, football player

Robert Wagner, New York mayor

Robert Wagner, U.S. senator

Anne Waldman, poet

DeWitt Wallace, publisher, founder of Reader's Digest, philanthropist

Lila Acheson Wallace, co-founder of Reader's Digest and philanthropist

Barbara Walters, talk show host and newswoman

George Washington, U.S. president

James Watson, discoverer of DNA

Michael Weatherly Jr., actor

Michael Weatherly Sr., importer

Weegee, aka Arthur Fellig, photographer

Sandy Weill, banker

John Weinberg, investment banker

Peter Weinberg, investment banker

Rachel Weisz, actress

Walt Whitman, poet

Olivia Wilde, actress

Michelle Williams, actress

Pat Williams, football player

Robert Wilson, financier

Serena Wilson, choreographer

Antoine Winfield, football player

Oliver Wolcott Jr., patriot, banker, Connecticut governor, U.S. secretary of treasury

Victoria Woodhull, stockbroker and first woman nominated as a U.S. presidential candidate (Equal Rights Party)

Gretchen Wyler, singer, dancer, and actress

Jay Z, rapper and entrepreneur

William B Ziff, Jr., magazine publisher

William B Ziff, Sr., magazine publisher

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of

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