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Last modified: 1/05/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

North Carolina Vacation Fun Facts

Famous North Carolinians

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in North Carolina or spent some important time in North Carolina.

Clay Aiken, singer

Maya Angelou, poet and novelist

Fantasia Barrino, singer

Ezell Blair Jr., aka Jibreel Khazan, one of the Greensboro 4 civil rights activists

William Blount, signer of U.S. Constitution

David Brinkley, TV journalist

Curtis Brown, astronaut

Bud Carson, football coach

Levi Coffin, underground railroad proponent

John Coltrane, jazz musician

Howard Cosell, TV sports commentator

Virginia Dare, first child born of English parents in the New World

Stephen Davis, football player

Jake Delhomme, football player

Cecil B. DeMille, movie producer

Adolph Dial, historian and politician

Elizabeth Dole, U.S. senator and political leader

Aubrey Dollar, actress

Charlie Duke, astronaut

Dale Earnhardt Jr., race car driver

Dale Earnhardt Sr., race car driver

Kerry Earnhardt, race car driver

Teresa Earnhardt, race car manager

Clyde Edgerton, novelist

John Edwards, U.S. senator and vice presidential candidate

The Embers, rock group

Sam Ervin, U.S. senator

Roberta Flack, singer

Ben Folds Five, rock group

DeShaun Foster, football player

John Fox, football coach

John Hope Franklin, historian

Henry Frye, first African-American chief justice of North Carolina Supreme Court

Chris Gamble, football player

Ava Gardner, actress

Kaye Gibbons, novelist

Billy Graham, religious leader

Jake Green, actor

Andy Griffith, singer and actor

Jordan Gross, football player

Jerome Gundrum, aka Dr. Root Beer, root beer maker

Jesse Helms, U.S. senator

Jim “Catfish” Hunter, baseball player

Andrew Jackson, U.S. president

Wes Jackson, plant geneticist

Andrew Johnson, U.S. president

Brad Johnson, football player

Marion Jones, track star

Michael Jordan, basketball player

Charlie “Choo-Choo” Justice, football player

Jack Kasay, football player

Charles Kuralt, TV journalist

Meadowlark Lemon, basketball player

Sugar Ray Leonard, boxer

Leonard Little, football player

Ken Lucas, football player

Dolley Madison, U.S. first lady

Franklin McCain, one of the Greensboro 4 civil rights activists

Marlon McCree, football player

Daniel McFadden, Nobel Prize-winning economist

Joseph McNeil, one of the Greensboro 4 civil rights activists

John Merrick, founder of North Carolina Mutual Insurance

Mike Minter, football player

Jeff Mitchell, football player

Thelonious Monk, jazz pianist

Dan Morgan, football player

Armand Morin, Internet marketing expert

Muhsin Muhammad, football player

Edward R. Murrow, TV journalist

Maureen Orcutt, golfer

Benny Parsons, NASCAR driver

Julius Peppers, football player

Gaylord Perry, baseball player

Kyle Petty, race car driver

Lee Petty, race car driver

Richard Petty, race car driver

James K. Polk, U.S. president

William Sydney Porter, aka O. Henry, short story writer

Jaime Pressly, actress

Ricky Proehl, football player

Sam Ragan, journalist and North Carolina poet laureate

Conrad Reed, discovered first gold nugget in the U.S.

Jerry Richardson, football owner

Mark Richardson, football team president

David Richmond, one of the Greensboro 4 civil rights activists

Marcus Robinson, football player

Charlie Rose, TV journalist

Mike Rucker, football player

Terry Sanford, North Carolina governor and U.S. senator

Todd Sauerbrun, football player

Earl Scruggs, blue grass musician

Arthur Smith, country music musician and composer

Michael Smith, astronaut

Steve Smith, football player

Richard Dobbs Spaight, signer of U.S. Constitution and North Carolina governor

Squirrel Nut Zippers, rock group

Todd Steussie, football player

Bruce Stewart, author

James Taylor, singer and songwriter

Bob Timberlake, painter

Doc Watson, folk music musician

Chris Weinke, football player

Hugh Williamson, signer of U.S. Constitution

Thomas Wolfe, novelist

Other famous North Carolinians:

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