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Last modified: 2/05/08

Hot Times, Cool Places

Ohio Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Ohioans

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Ohio or spent some important time in Ohio.

Edgar Allen, founder of the National Society for Crippled Children (the forerunner of Easter Seals)

Walter Alston, baseball manager

Ashley Ambrose, football player

Joe Andruzzi, football player

Neil Armstrong, astronaut and first person to walk on the moon

Doug Atkins, football player

Richard Basehart, actor

Halle Berry, actress

Erma Bombeck, syndicated columnist

Aaron Boone, baseball player

Jennette Bradley, first African-American woman to be elected lieutenant governor of a state

Jim Brown, football player

Paul Brown, football coach

Earl Bruce, football coach

Charles Brush, demonstrated arc lights and made Cleveland the world's first city to be lit electrically.

Bud Carson, football coach

Sean Casey, baseball player

Joshua Cribbs, football player

Coco Crisp, baseball player

Willie Davis, football player

Len Dawson, football player

John Delamielleure, football player

Trent Dilfer, football player

Paul Lawrence Dunbar, poet

Adam Dunn, baseball player

Thomas Edison, inventor of many things

Web Ewbank, football player

Len Ford, football player

Alan Freed, disc jockey

David Fulcher, football player

James A. Garfield, U.S. president

Cass Gilbert, architect

Sid Gillman, football player

John Glenn, astronaut, first American to orbit the Earth, and U.S. senator

Charles Goodyear, inventor, process for vulcanizing rubber

Randy Gradishar, football player

Frank Gatski, football player

Otto Graham, football player

Ulysess S. Grant, U.S. president

William Green, football player

Zane Grey, novelist

Ken Griffey Jr., baseball player

Archie Griffin, football player

Robert Griffith, football player

Lou Groza, football player

Travis Hafner, baseball player

Aaron Harang, baseball player

Warren G. Harding, U.S. president

William Rainey Harper, founder of the University of Chicago

Benjamin Harrison, U.S. president

William Henry Harrison, U.S. president

Rutherford B. Hayes, U.S. president

Woody Hayes, football coach

Steve Heiden, football player

Bob Hope, comedian and actor

T.J. Houshmandzadeh, football player

Tory James, football player

Chad Johnson, football player

Rudi Johnson, football player

Charlie Joiner, football player

Henry Jordan, football player

Leroy Kelly, football player

Simon Kenton, frontiersman

Charles Kettering, inventor, automobile electric starter

Otto Kruger, actor

Dennis Kucinich, U.S. representative and presidential candidate

Nick Lachey, singer

Jack Lambert, football player

John Lambert, inventor. Builds first American car in 1891.

Alf Landon, Kansas governor and presidential candidate

John Mercer Langston, first African-American elected to public office (clerk of Brownhelm, Ohio)

La Salle, explorer

Dante Lavelli, football player

Cliff Lee, baseball player

Marvin Lewis, football coach

Felipe Lopez, baseball player

Victor Martinez, baseball player

Mike McCormack, football player

Tommy McDonald, football player

William McKinley, U.S. president

Thomas Midgley, inventor, Freon

Kevin Millwood, baseball player

Eric Milton, baseball player

Bobby Mitchell, football player

Sophie Mitchell, first African-American woman to be elected mayor in Ohio

Agnes Morehead, actress

Garrett Morgan, inventor, traffic signal

Marion Motley, football player

Anthony Munoz, football player

Lorenzo Neal, football player

Ozzie Newsome, football player

Jack Nicholas, golfer

Dennis Northcutt, football player

Jim Nuxhall, youngest player in Major League baseball history

Jesse Owens, Olympic sprinter

Carson Palmer, football player

Eleanor Parker, actress

Jim Parker, football player

Jhonny Peralta, baseball player

Oliver Hazard Perry, naval war hero

Roy Plunkett, inventor, Teflon

John D. Rockefeller, industrialist and philanthropist

Pete Rose, baseball player

Mary Ellen Ruffalo, actress

C.C. Sabathia, baseball player

Scott Sauerbeck, baseball player

William Tucumseh Sherman, general

Akili Smith, football player

Dorothy Stang, missionary and Amazon rainforest defender

Roger Staubach, football player

Carl Stokes, Cleveland mayor and first African-American mayor of a major city

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author, Uncle Tom's Cabin

Lee Suggs, football player

Bob Taft, Ohio governor

Robert Taft, U.S. senator

William H. Taft, U.S. president

Tarhe, Native American chief

Jack Tatum, football player

Tecumseh, Native American chief

Edward Tiffin, Ohio governor

Henry Timkin, inventor, roller bearing

George Voinovich, U.S. senator

William O. Walker, Ohio's first African-American to become a member of the U.S. Cabinet

Paul Warfield, football player

Peter Warwick, football player

Jake Westbrook, baseball player

Bob Wickman, baseball player

Robert Wilke, actor

Bill Willis, football player

Alexander Winton, inventor, 8-cylinder engine

Ray Wise, actor

Glenville Woods, inventor. Developed a system for overhead electric conducting lines for railroads.

Thomas Worthington, politician. Lobbied Congress for Ohio statehood.

Katharine Wright, finance manager

Orville Wright, inventor, airplane

Wilbur Wright, inventor, airplane

Sean Young, actress

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