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Hot Times, Cool Places

Oregon Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Oregonians

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Oregon or spent some important time in Oregon.

George Abernethy, Oregon governor

Danny Ainge, basketball player

Art Alexakis, singer and songwriter

Derek Anderson, football player

Cecil Andrus, U.S. secretary of the interior

Jesse Applegate, pioneer

Garner Ted Armstrong, evangelist

John Jacob Astor, fur trader and founder of Astoria, Oregon

Ray Atkeson, photographer

Jean Auel, novelist

Terry Baker, football player

Rex Barber, fighter pilot

Sam Barlow, pioneer

James Beard, chef and food expert

Simon Benson, logger and philanthropist

Don Berry, author

Father Francis Blanchet, missionary

Sam Boardman, parks superintendent

John Boon, businessman and state treasurer

Tabitha Moffatt Brown, pioneer and mother of Oregon

Asahel Bush, banker and publisher

Chelsea Cain, novelist

Raymond Carver, poet and author

Harvey Clarke, missionary and educator

William Clark, explorer

Beverly Cleary, children's novelist

Kellen Clemens, football player

Chief Concomly, Indian leader

Thomas Condon, paleontologist and geologist

Mel Counts, basketball player

Ann Curry, television journalist

George Curry, Oregon governor

Homer Davenport, political cartoonist

H. L. Davis, author

Matthew Deady, politician and judge

Sir Francis Drake, explorer

Abigail Scott Duniway, feminist and journalist

Jack Elam, actor

Douglas Engelbart, inventor

Dick Fosbury, high jumper, inventor of the Fosbury Flop

Peter French, banker and rancher

A. C. Gilbert, toy inventor (Erector Set) and Olympic pole vaulter. Also founded the Toy Manufacturers Association of America.

Danny Glover, actor

Robert Gray, explorer

Edith Green, U.S. representative

Matt Groening, cartoonist and creator of The Simpsons TV show

Stafford Hansell, politician

Bret Harrison, actor

Mark Hatfield, U.S. senator

Earnest Haycox, western novelist

Ben Holladay, railroad builder

Nan Wood Honeyman, U.S. representative

Joni Huntley, track star

James Ivory, producer

Ken Jernstedt, Flying Tiger pilot and politician

Chief Joseph the Elder, Indian leader

Chief Joseph the Younger, Indian leader

Captain Jack Keintepoos, Indian leader

Dan Kelly, Olympic long jumper

David Kennerly, photographer

Bert Kerrigan, Olympic high jumper

Ken Kesey, author

Harmon Killebrew, baseball player

Dave Kingman, baseball player

Sam Lancaster, highway engineer

Joseph Lane, Oregon governor

Jason Lee, pioneer

Ursula LeGuin, science fiction and fantasy novelist

Seth Lewelling, nurseryman

Meriwether Lewis, explorer

Bob Lilly, football player

Barry Lopez, author

Asa Lovejoy, founder of Portland

Larry Mahan, rodeo star

Edwin Markham, poet

Charles Martin, Oregon governor

Lewis McArthur, historian and geographer

Tom McCall, Oregon governor

Conde McCullough, bridge engineer

Phyllis McGinley, novelist

John McLoughlin, explorer and father of Oregon

Charles McNary, U.S. senator

Joseph Meek, trapper and lawman

Joaquin Miller, poet and author

John Minto, author and politician

Wayne Morse, U.S. senator

William Murphy, doctor, Nobel laureate in medicine

James Nesmith, pioneer and U.S. senator

Maurine Neuberger, U.S. senator

Richard Neuberger, U.S. senator

Clare Turlay Newberry, children's book author

Kim Novak, actress

Bethenia Owens-Adair, educator and doctor

Joel Palmer, pioneer and author

Chief Paulina, Indian leader

Linus Pauling, chemist and peace advocate

Jane Powell, actress

Steve Prefontaine, runner

Ahmad Rashad, football player and sportscaster

Johnny Ray, singer

John Reed, poet and journalist

Ginger Rogers, actress and dancer

Sacagawea, Indian explorer

Don Schollander, Olympic swimmer

Pat Schroeder, politician

Les Schwab, businessman

Doc Severinsen, bandleader

Norton Simon, business executive

Forrest Smithson, Olympic hurdler

William Stafford, poet

Sally Stanford, politician

Bob Straub, Oregon governor

Sally Struthers, actress

Gus Van Sant, director

Harvy Scott, editor and publisher

Picabo Street, Olympic skier

William U'Ren, political reformer

Frances Fuller Victor, historian

Henry Villard, railroad builder

Will Vinton, animator

Lindsay Wagner, actress

Neale Donald Walsch, author

Oswald West, Oregon governor

Phillip Whalen, poet

Elijah White, pioneer and doctor

Marcus Whitman, missionary

Narcissa Whitman, missionary

Carl Wieman, physicist and Nobel laureate

Mason Williams, musician and songwriter

Sarah Winnemucca, Indian peacemaker

C. E. S. Wood, soldier, author, and attorney

Ron Wyden, U.S. senator

Notable Oregonians: http://www.sos.state.

Oregon Olympic medalists: http://bluebook.

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