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Hot Times, Cool Places

Pennsylvania Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Pennsylvanians

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Pennsylvania or spent some important time in Pennsylvania.

Edward Goodrich Acheson, inventor

David Akers, football player

Al Alberts, member of The Four Aces

Louisa May Alcott, novelist, Little Women

Maxwell Anderson, playwright

Walter Annenberg, philanthropist

Joe Banner, football team president

Samuel Barber, composer

John Barry, Revolutionary War naval hero

John Barrymore, actor

Donald Barthelme, author

Irene Bedard, actress and singer

Chuck Bednarik, football player. The greatest two-way football player (playing center on offense and linebacker on defense).

Kendrell Bell, football player

Stephen Vincent Benet, poet and short story writer

Stan Berenstain, author of the Berenstain Bears books

Jerome Bettis, football player

George Blaisdell, founder of Zippo Manufacturing

Mel Blount, football player

Daniel Boone, frontiersman and explorer

Ed Bradley, TV newsman

Terry Bradshaw, football player

Sheldon Brown, football player

James Buchanan, U.S. president

Jim Bunning, baseball player

Plaxico Burress, football player

Alexander Calder, sculptor

Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist

Bud Carson, football coach

Rachel Carson, biologist and author, Silent Spring

Chris Carter, football player

Mary Cassatt, painter

George Catlin, Indian expert and poet

Brad Childress, football coach

Lou Christie, aka Luigi Sacco, singer

Harry “Flash” Clarke, football player

Roberto Clemente, baseball player

Henry Steele Commager, historian

Bill Cosby, actor and comedian

Bill Cowher, football coach

Randall Cunningham, football quarterback

Stuart Davis, painter

Brian Dawkins, football player

Cote de Pablo, actress

Walter E. Diemer, inventor

Jimmy Dorsey, big band leader

Tony Dungy, football player and coach

Lenny Dykstra, baseball player

Thomas Eakins, artist

Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. president and general

Julius Erving, basketball player

Oliver Evans, inventor

Alan Faneca, football player

James Farrior, football player

Tina Fey, actress

W. C. Fields, comedian and actor

Jeff Fisher, football coach

Larry Foote, football player

Stephen Foster, composer

Hank Fraley, football player

Ben Franklin, U.S. patriot, publisher, statesman, and inventor. Author of Poor Richard's Almanac.

Robert Fulton, inventor

Henry George, economist

Richard “Goose” Gossage, baseball player

Martha Graham, choreographer

“Mean” Joe Greene, football player

L.C. Greenwood, football player

Alexander Haig, general and secretary of state

Jack Ham, football player

Casey Hampton, football player

William Edward Hanford, inventor

Jeff Hartings, football player

John Heinz, U.S. senator

Tana Hoban, children's book illustrator and author

Lauren Holly, actress

Ernie Holmes, football player

Marilyn Horne, opera singer

Lee Iacocca, auto executive

Reggie Jackson, baseball player

Dan Janzen, butterfly expert

Robinson Jeffers, poet

Gene Kelly, dancer, singer, and actor

Grace Kelly, actress

Jim Kelly, football quarterback

Gelsey Kirkland, ballerina

Nancy Kulp, actress

Stephanie Louise Kwolek, inventor

S. S. Kresge, merchant

Jack Lambert, football player

Alf Landon, Kansas governor and presidential candidate

Mario Lanza, singer

Michael Lewis, football player

Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host and author

Tara Lipinski, figure skater

William Maclay, U.S. senator

Connie Mack, baseball manager and owner

Tommy Maddox, football quarterback

Dave Mahoney, member of The Four Aces

Dan Marino, football quarterback, holder of many NFL quarterback records

George C. Marshall, five-star general

Gene Mauch, baseball manager

George McClellan, general

Thomas McKean, Pennsylvania governor

Donovan McNabb, football quarterback

Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Andrew Mellon, banker and financier

Henry Chapman Mercer, potter, founder of the Moravian Pottery & Tile Works

Thomas Mifflin, Pennsylvania governor

Tom Mix, cowboy actor

Joe Montana, football quarterback

Robert Morris, financier of the American Revolution

Joe Namath, football quarterback

Barry Nelson, actor

Hezekiah Niles, journalist

Chuck Noll, football coach

Terrell Owens, football player

Arnold Palmer, golfer

Joe Paterno, football coach

Robert E. Peary, explorer

Holly Robinson Peete, actress

Rodney Peete, football player

John Penn, colonial governor of Pennsylvania

William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

Troy Polamalu, football player

Joey Porter, football player

Antwaan Randle El, football player

Man Ray, painter and photographer

Jake Reed, football player

Andy Reid, football coach

Pete Retzlaff, football player

Mary Roberts Rinehart, author

Jim Ringo, football player

Ben Roethlisberger, football player

Betsy Griscom Ross, flagmaker

Jonas Salk, developer of polio vaccine

Lito Sheppard, football player

Lou Silvestri, member of The Four Aces

Mark Simeneau, football player

Corey Simon, football player

B. F. Skinner, psychologist

John Sloan, painter

Will Smith, actor

Simon Snyder, Pennsylvania governor

Musiq Soulchild, singer and songwriter

Duce Staley, football player

John Stallworth, football player

Terry Staubach, football quarterback

Gertrude Stein, author

James Stewart, actor

George R. Stibitz, inventor

Lynn Swann, football player

Taylor Swift, country singer

Jeremiah Trotter, football player

John Unitas, football quarterback

John Updike, novelist

Sol Vaccaro, member of The Four Aces

Troy Vincent, football player

Honus Wagner, baseball player

Mike Wagner, football player

Hines Ward, football player

Fred Waring, big band leader

Ethel Waters, singer and actress

Anthony Wayne, military officer

Andrew Weil, doctor and book author

Jennifer Weiner, romance novelist

George Westinghouse, entrepreneur

Reggie White, football player

Hugh Williamson, signer of U.S. Constitution

August Wilson, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright

Andrew Wyeth, painter

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