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Hot Times, Cool Places

Texas Vacation Fun Facts

Famous Texans

These are just a few of the famous people who were either born in Texas or spent some important time in Texas.

Flozell Adams, football player

Roger Adams, inventor of Heelys

Troy Aikman, football player

Larry Allen, football player

Clay Allison, the Gentleman Gunfighter

Rosita Fernandez Almaguer, singer

Lance Armstrong, bicyclist, 7-time winner of the Tour de France

Stephen F. Austin, pioneer

Jeff Bagwell, baseball player

Martin Banks, jazz musician

Marion Barber III, football player

Ray Bard, book publisher

David Bates, artist

Roy Bean, frontier judge

Lloyd Bentsen, U.S. senator, secretary of the treasury, and vice presidential candidate

Elvin Bethea, football player

Craig Biggio, baseball player

George Blanda, football player

Drew Bledsoe, football player

Bruce Bowen, basketball player

Corey Bradford, football player

Edgar Brown, oilman

Josh Brown, football player

Barbara Bush, U.S. first lady

George H. W. Bush, CIA director and U.S. president

George W. Bush, Texas governor and U.S. president

Mathew “Old Paint” Caldwell, pioneer and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence

Earl Campbell, football player

Dave Campo, football coach

David Carr, football player

Dave Casper, football player

Rene Robert Cavalier, Sieur de la Salle, explorer

Paul C.W. Chu, physicist

Mia Church, actress

Thomas Haden Church, actor

Henry Cisneros, mayor, president of Univision

Roger Clemens, baseball pitcher

Jody Conradtm, basketball player and coach

Amy Cook, singer

Barry Corbin, actor

John Cornyn, U.S. senator

Jose Cortez, football player

Catherine Crier, TV host

Davy Crockett, Alamo defender

Mark Cuban, Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner

Billy Cundiff, football player

Michael DeBakey, doctor that developed first artificial heart

Tom Delay, U.S. congressman and House majority leader

Al Del Greco, football player

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers and billionaire

Patrick Dempsey, actor

Eric Dickerson, football player

Tony Dorsett, football player

Tim Duncan, basketball player

Michael Finley, basketball player

Tom Ford, fashion designer

Jamie Foxx, actor and singer

Wick Fowler, humorist

Bud Frazer, gambler

Fray Garcia, pioneer missionary

Sid Gillman, football coach

Givins, football player

Terry Glenn, football player

La'Roi Glover, football player

A.C. Greene, novelist, columnist, historian

V. T. Hamlin, comic strip creator, Alley Oop

John Wesley Hardin, killer and gambler

Cliff Harris, football player

Charles Haley, football player

Angie Harmon, actress

Alvin Harper, football player

Bob Hayes, football player and track star

Chad Hedrick, Olympic skater

Tish Hinojosa, singer and songwriter

Priest Holmes, football player

John Houser, sculptor

Ken Houston, football player

Sam Houston, Texas governor

Torii Hunter, baseball player

Kay Bailey Hutchison, senator

Michael Irwin, football player

Molly Ivins, columnist

Steve Jackson, football player

Heywood Jeffires, football player

Charlie Joiner, football player

Andre Johnson, football player

Jimmie Johnson, football coach

Keyshawn Johnson, football player

Lady Bird Johnson, first lady

Lyndon Baines Johnson, senator and U.S. president

Albert Sidney Johnston, general

Jerry Jones, football team owner

Julius Jones, football player

Tommy Lee Jones, actor

Norah Jones, jazz singer

Janis Joplin, rock singer

Lee Roy Jordan, football player

Jim Kelly, football player

Richard King, founder, King Ranch

Tom Landry, football coach

Leon Lett, football player

Bob Lilly, football player

David Lindsey, novelist

Ronald Mackenzie, colonel, Mackenzie Raiders

George C. Marshall, general

William “Bat” Masterson, lawman and columnist

Bruce Matthews, football player

Red McCombs, businessman, sports team owner

Matthew McConaughey, actor

Bubba McDowell, football player

Leander McNelly, Texas Ranger

Steve Melendez, president of the American Indian Genocide Museum

Don Meredith, football player

Steve Miller, rock musician

Yao Ming, basketball player

Warren Moon, football player

Mike Munchak, football player

Clint Murchison, Jr., oilman

Ty Murray, rodeo champion

Lamar Muse, CEO, Southwest Airlines

Steve Nash, basketball player

Royston Nave, artist

Willie Nelson, country singer

Terrance Newman, football player

Dat Nguyen, football player

Austin Nichols, actor

Chester Nimitz, admiral

Ken Norton, football player

Jay Novacek, football player

Dirk Nowitzki, basketball player

Roy Orbison, rock singer

Juan de Onate, explorer

Joel Osteen, TV minister

Bill Parcells, football coach

Jack Pardee, football coach

George C. Patton, general

Ron Paul, U.S. representative

Ross Perot, billionaire and presidential candidate

Cicero Rufus Perry, Texas Ranger

Rick Perry, Texas governor

Adrian Peterson, football player

Andy Pettitte, baseball pitcher

Bum Phillips, football coach

Wade Phillips, football coach

William Sidney Porter, aka O. Henry, short story writer

Johnny Preston, country singer

Dan Rather, news anchor

Sam Rayburn, U.S. speaker of the house

Jim Reeves, country singer

Mel Renfro, football player

Ann Richards, Texas governor

J. P. Richardson, aka The Big Bopper, country singer

Tex Ritter, actor and country singer

Marco Rivera, football player

Nolan Ryan, baseball player

David Robinson, basketball player

Kenny Rogers, baseball player

Deion Sanders, football player

Boz Scaggs, singer

Tex Schramm, football owner

Charles A. Schreiner, Texas Ranger, rancher, and philanthropist

Joe Sears, actor, playwright

Luke Short, gambler

Ashlee Simpson, singer and actress

Jessica Simpson, singer and actress

Webster Slaughter, football player

Emmitt Smith, football player

H. Allen Smith, humorist

Liz Smith, gossip columnist

Bob Snead, artist

Alfonso Soriano, baseball player

Roger Staubach, football player

Hallie Stillwell, rancher, teacher, and author

George Strait, country singer

Kathryn Sullivan, astronaut, first American woman to walk in space

Pat Summerall, football broadcaster

Barry Switzer, football player and coach

Zachary Taylor, general and U.S. president

Spencer Tillman, football player

LaDainian Tomlinson, football player

Janine Turner, actress

Charles Umlaug, sculptor

Richie Valens, rock singer

Stevie Ray Vaughan, blues guitarist

Abraham Verghese, author, doctor, and professor of medicine

Joe Vitale, book author and metaphysician

Bigfoot Wallace, Texas Ranger and frontiersman

Don Walser, musician and yodeler

Demarcus Ware, football player

George Webster, football player

Forest Whitaker, actor

Danny White, football player

Lorenzo White, football player

Randy White, football player

Ricky Williams, football player

Roy Williams, football player

Laura Wilson, photographer

Owen Wilson, actor

Marion Winik, author

Jason Witten, football player

Rayfield Wright, football player

Vince Young, football player

Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias, golfer, basketball player, Olympic track star, baseball player

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